talking poem

the mind expounds repeatedly
like a rampage of children
deviously devouring candy
deceitfully like poetry

I owe it to me
a dream believed unconsciously
to formulate words
unbeknownst to thee
I’m free you see

the hypocrisy
of language creationism
segregation and all of its isms
divisions lead to visions
my friend and change

deranged derailments
of systematic obsessions
depression ended
conciousness regained
reclaimed then

and again and again
the sounds of the speech
reach bounds of time
continueum breached
and for a moment I sigh

why we don’t know
if we like it or not
if we want what we got
if we’ll make it or rot
the plot is thin

a tin foil bandage
flanges a broken heart
apart from sadness lies the truth
a sleuth unties a locked box
and sets it out in the rain

all sing the refrain
drain meaning
from longing for belonging
singing in a spring vernacular
it’s spectacular

the birds trill pentameter
chitter-chatter in character
breeze through my hair
I’m there
in still tranquillity