meditation triptych

harsh words fly from open wounds blinded by bloodshed
a tyrant trapped by their own shackles screams
pleas to themself through withered time soaked glass lenses
it is only the prisoner banished to the same fate that can hear these cries

the prisoner lies guiltless
enveloped in a sphere of gratitude
an indefinite buzzing of external silence
the opalescent bubble unscathed by the swords that fly from loose lips

yet from this meditation comes energy
positive phlange like super rhythms
light speed ebullience masticating receptions
to forge roses from steel words sharpened
propelling them through 13-D
within and without the audience

all space and time vacuously whitened and expanded infinitely
I like argyroneta aquatica am encased in a bubble eco-system
egocentric in location
the floating opalescent energy phlange dissipates
and earthlike physics cease to exist

decorated paper crisp in value
floating with magnetic intention from all directions
absorbing into cellular mass meditation
in an existential merging of microscopic energy

lucid dreamlike state
phlanged thoughts release into white light piercing pores
light becomes sphere like
clears like stage fog
spherically emanates in a bubble
encompassing the body seated in lotus

the journey
like a great opalescent glass elevator
mind controlled by purest aspirations
conspires above the sand
exchanging energy with the rewinding ocean