a lotus unfolds to a feathered lens
opening the crown to shades of blue
while energy
divided by spatial intimacy
splinters into fractal waves
dispersing light rays
and recording the substance of memory

it is a particulate spirituality
that oozes from your ayahuascan soaked pores
it is the shapeshifting angel
who peels back hair to expose the lotus
and through this exertion
the unclean ritual commences
scattering semen demons
across an undulating body

batteries charged by shared meditation
devour the snake like images in our dreams
executing dance moves performed by liminal beings
in an omnium gatherum of cultural mythologies
we break down physics and the concepts of consciousness
to split our atoms with chakram energy
and seed the cosmos with love

across the sea and into the future

your touch seeks to scatter dreams like tinsle
amassing power from gleening eyes
that rake the grey hairs that other lovers missed
caressing your flesh in windsong
then bathing your aura in pure loving energy
because i can
it is the shaman lover that imalgamates
the bondage between light and night
enriching a moment with cat calls and droning lovesong
it is the dualistic dance of the spirits
that gaze upon gentle fingers
tracing the map of time and space upon your wings
upon a temple and below the moon
the hermited lover retreats in meditation
blanketed by the moist streaming of imagination
painting to lyrics a musical interlude
like the silent rhythm of dew
you like the jaguar reflected in a single drop
i like the adornment that crowns your spotted head
tremble for knowing and unknowing
this is the mystery of unfettered love
this is a joy mask that blinds the eager temptress
leads demons astray
pulsates within earth core and star heart
to form a rainbow around tangled moments
aligning in harmony the driving mission
of two souls flowering entwined yet distant