love song #4

my love
your fathomless eyes dominate me with snarling animist teeth
tearing gently at my lips
pouring the taste of honeysuckle wine amidst dewed spring grass
over longful tongue down open throat past thumping heart
only to later be digested
your eyes
like the rising of the tide
coaxed from between my legs
a necter known to no other
drilled by fingers thick and relentless
a disgusted gaze froliced by winged tigers and bound muses
penetrates my mind and melts me into submission
my love
your eyes ingest my spirit
fractaling my conciousness
devouring my ego
transforming para to meta and back again
in a slipstream of aerobic mind and body teasing
entering and releasing
pounding fucking beating
your eyes leave me breathless
your touch leaves me steaming
the memory of this has me soaking through seating
my love
your eyes like the bluest black hole
suck from my mind every worry every dream
creating space for the nirvana of pure desire
your eyes
caress my eyes like wisping hair caresses cheek
amid a summer breeze infused with sweat
cradling memory in poems of sound
undressing me from my skin and bleaching my bones
by knawing them clean
my love