Through the looking glass I saw my own reflection

There are moments in our lives
This is our life
I have moved through life
Intuiting myself
Then listening to the “rights and wrongs”, the ethical morality of my mind
I have let myself be washed over by my brain
Exfoliating the dreams and soaping away self trust
To fall in line and “do the right thing”
Rising to the ebbs and flow in a salty jetsam
Meeting myself in the mirror and congratulating myself
That the expectations are met
Slowly contorting backward
In a dance of doing what I “should”
Expressing need and want
Pragmatizing my experience and choices to save face
Adjusting to the structure that has been presented to me
In a walking backbend
So that I can sodomize myself with my head
Like a dragon chasing its own tale
Until now

Living one day at a time has become living this moment
Being who I have been molded to be has become who I inspire in myself
Like a Barbie doll impressioned into being who later runs away with the circus
I am the face in the mirror and I’m sick of saving face
I drew these eyes I see and I will draw them again
The same and different based on the crossroad of each moment
The indoctrination of fear will always be
I can choose to be consumned by it or I can accept it for what it is worth
I am open
I am no longer a sex slave to my own self imposed domination
Rather a pleasure activist obligated to being
Creating a reality that exists only for the audience of the moon
Then re-molecularizing into myself moments from now
The puppet master playing the harmonizing melody of my heartstrings
I like
I love
I laugh
I can
I see
I feel
I dream
I am

just like i read upon your wall : it's all crap until it isn't crap anymore

wisdom can come from the strangest of sources
without rhyme or reason we set treason upon others
and other times find support in the unlikeliest of places
faces can be foreign or comfortably timeless
debunking euphemisms propelled by the motion
and a notion occurs and from it great inspiration
projected in treetops with family memories
a rooftop of dancers ignore the reality
of intuitive voices drowned out by the music
a bare pussy feels like a freshly shaved man face
childlike visually to eyes jaded by porn scenes
obscene to the populus and honored by some
the hum drum is drowned out by scrotums and cum
and the knowledge gets lost in a succulent sauce
til morning awakes us to a newness begun
and from love a moment obscures to the beat
as tattered feet slowly take over the street
and the wise disappear to save grace without thinking
that this all might be equal to discarded past sentiment

Hindsight 20/20 or I didn't think I'd feel a thing and now I know I loved you more than I thought

So I cried and laughed and felt the world dissolving around me
Growing momentarily then again and again
Dissolving into a puddle of love me love me not

My thoughts drink me under the table of understanding
Too rapidly to ponder before my gut already know the answers

You made me feel loved in the simplest way
: you made me love myself :
It’s inspiration dripping over cum crusted lips
And fantasies sordidly welling wetness over a hardened clit

I gave you my love not to fill a void
Not to see what could have been
But as a free sample of my secret pleasure factory

I wish I could hold your hands in mine and look you in the eyes
When I tell you that you are my favorite flavor
But instead I’ll give up ice cream for the moment and sweat until I see you again

pondering the beauty of opening your heart freely and still loving despite everything sad because it's simply love and love is good

And once again I gave it all to build the confidence in another
Got so naked I was skinless, dripping with want
Staged with light and the shroud of new experience
Unfortunately this time I was the one hurt
Apparently payback is a bitch
I’m not ashamed to cry
Death is the process of life and from it blooms a wonderland of creativity
Naivety rears its lovely head again and again and someone ends up alone
Drones swarm and the queen waits for the newbie to fly the hive
Driving long distance has never been a problem
I am a vortex open to those that desire and never to be found again
I was reminded recently that love never disappears just dissipates into the dream-state
Alive in a moment then lost to dark eyes cautiously pictured
The wind continues to pollinate inspiration
And the longing for what could be will never go away
Yet we continue, nomadic in intellect and fallen like acorns
I just wanted to be the seaweed and the rock
I just wanted to be the waves and the sandy shore
And yet again I am the boat and the dolphin
Dancing forever in a deadly love affair
Someday you will look into the mirror and realize love was easy all along
I pity the fool that stands in the shadow
I’d rather forgive and disappear too but consequence is real
Whether you run or face it head on
I miss you though and just wish for once it would make sense
Like a glowing casino sign pointing the way to hope
Thanks for the Herpes though
That was classic