love song #4

my love
your fathomless eyes dominate me with snarling animist teeth
tearing gently at my lips
pouring the taste of honeysuckle wine amidst dewed spring grass
over longful tongue down open throat past thumping heart
only to later be digested
your eyes
like the rising of the tide
coaxed from between my legs
a necter known to no other
drilled by fingers thick and relentless
a disgusted gaze froliced by winged tigers and bound muses
penetrates my mind and melts me into submission
my love
your eyes ingest my spirit
fractaling my conciousness
devouring my ego
transforming para to meta and back again
in a slipstream of aerobic mind and body teasing
entering and releasing
pounding fucking beating
your eyes leave me breathless
your touch leaves me steaming
the memory of this has me soaking through seating
my love
your eyes like the bluest black hole
suck from my mind every worry every dream
creating space for the nirvana of pure desire
your eyes
caress my eyes like wisping hair caresses cheek
amid a summer breeze infused with sweat
cradling memory in poems of sound
undressing me from my skin and bleaching my bones
by knawing them clean
my love


a lotus unfolds to a feathered lens
opening the crown to shades of blue
while energy
divided by spatial intimacy
splinters into fractal waves
dispersing light rays
and recording the substance of memory

it is a particulate spirituality
that oozes from your ayahuascan soaked pores
it is the shapeshifting angel
who peels back hair to expose the lotus
and through this exertion
the unclean ritual commences
scattering semen demons
across an undulating body

batteries charged by shared meditation
devour the snake like images in our dreams
executing dance moves performed by liminal beings
in an omnium gatherum of cultural mythologies
we break down physics and the concepts of consciousness
to split our atoms with chakram energy
and seed the cosmos with love

across the sea and into the future

your touch seeks to scatter dreams like tinsle
amassing power from gleening eyes
that rake the grey hairs that other lovers missed
caressing your flesh in windsong
then bathing your aura in pure loving energy
because i can
it is the shaman lover that imalgamates
the bondage between light and night
enriching a moment with cat calls and droning lovesong
it is the dualistic dance of the spirits
that gaze upon gentle fingers
tracing the map of time and space upon your wings
upon a temple and below the moon
the hermited lover retreats in meditation
blanketed by the moist streaming of imagination
painting to lyrics a musical interlude
like the silent rhythm of dew
you like the jaguar reflected in a single drop
i like the adornment that crowns your spotted head
tremble for knowing and unknowing
this is the mystery of unfettered love
this is a joy mask that blinds the eager temptress
leads demons astray
pulsates within earth core and star heart
to form a rainbow around tangled moments
aligning in harmony the driving mission
of two souls flowering entwined yet distant

love song #3

(Note* This was on an IPhone notepad while having sex:
I have been wanting to challenge myself lately)

Poetic licks on quilted sheets
Read over lips to ears replete
With care for lovesong and sultry eyes
Though tongue does lisp past swollen thighs
And fingers drift my mountainsides

I lie

If wet is what you must insist
With pulling hair and belted wrist
Sucking life from moistened clit
Then diving into each abyss
Until I piss

I wish

You would read me more than poetry
While braiding hair beneath a tree
Lavish me in picnic breeze
Shower me with courtesies
Do exactly as I please

With ease


steak and eggs
for plates were placed
by flowers plucked
then held by vase
and eyes they gazed
to hands unsure
that rose to hold to heart the words that spoke
from trembled tongue and cheek through stretched and smokey throat beneath
a psyche magnified by tear
that falls to salt like rain on sun
a single supple fragile disc
like golden ring
against wedding dress
but will the answer be a yes?

a breath a stone compressing lung in chest a syncopated drum
bass lined by the tick of seconds
each salivating over breakfast
is this crossroad?
is this nexus?
fork steals bite
answers perplex us

love song #2

Draw for me with a cinnamon stick on a window frosted with ice
Play me grass in the summer shade over the percussion of the rising tide
Bathe with me in a cup of cocoa and drink the nectar from my lips
Your soul is like a distant lover
singing to me with pressing hips

Dance with me in fields of dreamsong quiet clouds passing over
Eat the whispers that lean over lips that swoon to ears so keen
Stroke my hunger with the backbone of a single lion queen
Your eyes are like a supple moment floating on eternity

love song #1

Kiss me under flowers and undress my soul with your clawing fingers, play my destiny and send chills through my molecules, make my heart pound and stroke my winged back, that I may soar like a butterfly, I can drink in the divine nectar, that u might be shoveling the sands of time with my backbone


every time i get a new computer
i end up with half finished stories


mothered by hecate

divined by a moment

curious and curiouser

she pushed the little button

fairy animal shapeshifter

calculating form

knowing of her power

the strength of windy storm

the mermaid with a golden tale

sunbathing on a rock

fed upon the element air

her twin swimming in the sun

an aphrodite love goddess

a tiger a ten of cups

abundance abundance

beats deeply in her heart

the heart the king of swords

true love the fortune told

like tiny candy hearts

making up the human form