tangent intersection for a love lost street

written and directed by china star

cherry blossom sea song

written and directed by china star

how children apologize in the modern age

written and directed by sasha friese

mixed tape

written and directed by china star

from worm to whole

Moments trick the senses in a swale of intimacy
Your eyes glancing timid brush my skin like salt crests upon a sinking ship
And the echo of your unspoken words nudges my true self towards fawn songs
Invisible in the dusk of spring

I have lost the desire to hear your answer though days later long for an explanation
A chysalid of desire has engulfed my intellect
Distracted by wish pennies and meditating on dreams
It is this error in perception that blinds me to realness

Then bathing later in sweat I long to drink in
A shadow calls longingly that I am not home
Your touch has me perforated by bullets
But I have shed no blood in your name

In daydreams I am the puppet master and you my muse
A guitar riff repeats then overlaps into noise
An emblematic slipstream sewn onto the back of your coat
Reminds me that you are a real boy under all that wood

And my nails long like Thai dancers
Tangle the strings
Unfurling the threads that have woven this web
By morning my breath is too foul to praise you

And I retreat to a village of one
And I write with a patter of fingers on keys
And I play you our love song with freshly painted toenails
And dismember my senses while freckles fall like dirty snow