it’s amazing what a little too much coffee can inspire

Love luster lost to tossed around freedom
succumbed to austerity,
clarity comes from momentary consequence

In innocence
inspiration dies a romantic death
a soft breath lost to bad breath and lack of prudence

Disparity only exists in the mind
and moments recorded in mime-like signs
a divine reminder of our intuitive design

In time you express that which needs no explanation
it hurts a lot less when there is recognition
followed by ovation and spared cigarettes

Regrets and Cru stations shed bone to grow
a system we try to then pretend to know
by dissection resurrected knowledge fellows

Erection of new ideals in a moment
only to hurt those that live aloneness
I own this

A simple lack of knowingness
births communion killed
by mental emotional bloodshed

Fed upon weakness
drought and confusion
helpless lack of evolutionary communion

And yet a reunion sheds a faint light
trite in eyes that see not the history
dreams sewn more in reality than mystery

With a sprinkling of alpha
delta hear me I need to be rescued
saved from an eschewed version of beta

Vedic in refuse
reused to profundity
reminded of obscurity

Then sent home
to see and be
the real me

Love seeks no definition
but extradition of a past uncomfortably
simple words awaited

known then



Punctuated through inflection
in Cesaire-like method
I'm dressed in secretion

Completion too drunken
to take effect
retrospect hidden too much to reflect

A sect of prime
numbers fumble
towards infinity

Drug into nighttime
frightened by bliss
missed the right time

And yet
the thread silken
sustains the pull of webbing

Ebbing in a moonlit
calciferous harvest
prolific preponderance

Makes no sense
to vernacular over defined
by new verbiage

Vegetative in function
read in conjunction
to ritualistic spelunking

here a seer

Believer in you
a true blue
friend in the end

No more confusion
contusing impression
succession impedes on enlightenment

Like excrement described while naked
sacred as scratched flesh
on your bedspread

And head for those too experimental to feel
the new deal passed off in proving conversation
elated when left to your own device

Thrice opportunity
leaves us all hungry
thuggery mocking our lack of security

Flowing immaculately
upon keys too friendly
spewed once again

In a stream
fiendishly lying

hones upon eves
above trees

Trellising winters' branches
expansive thinking
precludes the brink

Rhyme exiting
heated energy

Adverb in tow
flow sows seeds
of evergreens' slowly

Holy unwrapped
and awkwardly seen
in mornings attempt at poetry dreams

I gleam like centrifugal motion
a writer's love lost to devotion
through type faced potions

Concocted by the conscientious
prophetically calling for an end to this nonsense

I sleep