science is death if time is death (part 6)

i see you and for once i wish you could see me in my truest self.
just for a moment though.
i am wasting away in a solitude of discarded energy
energy that rises throated torment like an incantation...
ayah ayah ayah
i may resemble everyone that wells pain to your eyes
but im not
and i can play that everyone if you want
dream like and filled with doesn't end.
you will never grace the pleasure of pleasure with pain
for unspoiled insanity is pampered that way.
i can scowl at you and still wish for approval.
wish for the gaze of your eyes
breathe into this void
between us this void
in attempts to swim backward
through a tar world burning
like violence muted through a microscope
picked apart by journalistic tweezers
and my scalple pen smearing this black ink everywhere.