gratitude and loss

in this cyclical life there are random acts of gratitude .... gratitude and loss
tossing lettuce in the social bowl i move like a banshee through the days and nights
flying silent to the masses...overabundantly supported by the are all my friends
the end of one life sparks another
brothers and sisters unite....triteness exsists
all of the sadness in the world is balanced by the creative
old friends with new faces inspire transistion
support passionate acception of the re-iterated history herstory
a memory lost without description
a fundamentsl nomadasicsm
bound by ties that need no explanation
aggravation mastabatory in function
persists in a small town
drowning in a low tide pissyness
thriving in a love lost
suckling on time
driving itself to insanity
in an orgasmic moment of clarity
scarcity of understanding
can be a blessing
dressing us in the persona that we see
reflecting upon
the simple concept
"do you know that you don't know?"