for every man i have ever loved who loved me back

i am a well of unbridled creativity
a vessel bursting with sentiment softly spoken in black and white
a wild horse running through time
supporting bare-backing inspiration
assending into the wind
i have been your sprite
your nymph
your lover
erected each and every one of you a pedestal
and you have all loved me in return
and it was very real...
i sealed you each into my poetry
spilled myself out naked upon the page for each and every one of you
loved you with my tongue literally liberally literarily
and the words i spoke still hold that love for its irreplaceable moment in time
so for all that have ever been loved by me
please for a moment remember that love for the purity and innocence from which it flowered
remember the abundance of cosmic love energy exuding from my eyes
remember for a moment how i bled my heart and soul to you in every medium imaginable
and forgive me if i have hurt you
i too have been hurt, hidden away, mistrusted, lied to, abandoned, violated, denied
and now i am lonely for lack of love and it’s killing me
devouring my very being that i cannot touch softly, stroke playfully, arouse curiosity, stare into eyes that love me if you can reknindle a glimmer of our love
love yourself for the beautiful lover that you are
to be loved by such a lover
and to have loved in return