pondering the beauty of opening your heart freely and still loving despite everything sad because it's simply love and love is good

And once again I gave it all to build the confidence in another
Got so naked I was skinless, dripping with want
Staged with light and the shroud of new experience
Unfortunately this time I was the one hurt
Apparently payback is a bitch
I’m not ashamed to cry
Death is the process of life and from it blooms a wonderland of creativity
Naivety rears its lovely head again and again and someone ends up alone
Drones swarm and the queen waits for the newbie to fly the hive
Driving long distance has never been a problem
I am a vortex open to those that desire and never to be found again
I was reminded recently that love never disappears just dissipates into the dream-state
Alive in a moment then lost to dark eyes cautiously pictured
The wind continues to pollinate inspiration
And the longing for what could be will never go away
Yet we continue, nomadic in intellect and fallen like acorns
I just wanted to be the seaweed and the rock
I just wanted to be the waves and the sandy shore
And yet again I am the boat and the dolphin
Dancing forever in a deadly love affair
Someday you will look into the mirror and realize love was easy all along
I pity the fool that stands in the shadow
I’d rather forgive and disappear too but consequence is real
Whether you run or face it head on
I miss you though and just wish for once it would make sense
Like a glowing casino sign pointing the way to hope
Thanks for the Herpes though
That was classic