just like i read upon your wall : it's all crap until it isn't crap anymore

wisdom can come from the strangest of sources
without rhyme or reason we set treason upon others
and other times find support in the unlikeliest of places
faces can be foreign or comfortably timeless
debunking euphemisms propelled by the motion
and a notion occurs and from it great inspiration
projected in treetops with family memories
a rooftop of dancers ignore the reality
of intuitive voices drowned out by the music
a bare pussy feels like a freshly shaved man face
childlike visually to eyes jaded by porn scenes
obscene to the populus and honored by some
the hum drum is drowned out by scrotums and cum
and the knowledge gets lost in a succulent sauce
til morning awakes us to a newness begun
and from love a moment obscures to the beat
as tattered feet slowly take over the street
and the wise disappear to save grace without thinking
that this all might be equal to discarded past sentiment