Hindsight 20/20 or I didn't think I'd feel a thing and now I know I loved you more than I thought

So I cried and laughed and felt the world dissolving around me
Growing momentarily then again and again
Dissolving into a puddle of love me love me not

My thoughts drink me under the table of understanding
Too rapidly to ponder before my gut already know the answers

You made me feel loved in the simplest way
: you made me love myself :
It’s inspiration dripping over cum crusted lips
And fantasies sordidly welling wetness over a hardened clit

I gave you my love not to fill a void
Not to see what could have been
But as a free sample of my secret pleasure factory

I wish I could hold your hands in mine and look you in the eyes
When I tell you that you are my favorite flavor
But instead I’ll give up ice cream for the moment and sweat until I see you again