for new orleans

brothers rappin
tappin the beat
with tapped sneakers
stompin the beat
watching people
out in the street
workin rythmn
so the can eat
and in nightfall
slowly retreat
to courtyards

pork lard and beans
clean wooden floors
protect secret
shared garden lore
and the wind blows
while children snore
breathin heavy
while out their door
drunk tourists shout
and riots soar
like Bourbon

urban mornings
mourning the night
locals awake
early to fight
the heat to sell
tourist delights
and earn freedom
from the dark plight
of condemned slums
with all their might
and Voodoo

true to haitians
nations rely
on the sacred herbs
that mamas dry
making potions
from bones and eyes
with blue balls and ritual cries
'tween the Earth and Sky
so don't spread

sacred stories
glories untold
you'll catch a glimpse
buy what is sold
local paintings
may reveal gold
pay attention
to what is told
every whisper
may soon unfold

history seams
dreams in a bow
infinite paths
and fields to sow
with cotton sores
cleansed by the flow
waters don't slow
setting the pace
for jazz to grow
like Taro