a meditation in edition

Defined by existence aligned with lyrics
We’re reminded of a time when things were much more simple
It’s a ripple; we want to see our future as an oracle
A time-lapse miracle makes us stronger
And we hesitate to stand up
Rise up as economics tries to tie us up
Fill thy own cup relentlessly
Intellectual prosperity is our destiny
Spread the word of voices heard
Living in a time of galactic change
A derangement of values define systematic control
A shot of Hennessey… a comic trilogy
People dying; pounding the earth
Space for the rest of us
Protection given to consequential rhythm
Bouts poetic reason
Viscerally honest
Happily ironic
Time dwindles thumbs twiddle
Concepts riddle questions channeled
Handled by amassed power subliminal
In an abysmal sweat of break beats and tangled tongues
We are all the same
Fumbling frantically tantric
Silly antics uprising planetary phonetics
Dressed in fragments of Druids, Mayans, and Africans
Plummeting spherically within a spiral continuum