the stuff i never want to write about

shoot me now that i've seen the polycubic boundardies of reality!
it's too funny and the laughter that wells up in my eyes could illuminate any wall.
so what are you going to do stick a clove of garlic in your ear?
let's go to the didn't forget did you?
the rain outside has me crying the way running water can make you have to pee.
the dawn is approaching.
without consistency of pattern, life has me floating through space.
yes i did realize that everyone i know will die.
it's for this exact realization that i want to ride an elephant with you.
it's why i've lived beneath fallen eaves of timber.
heated by embers flickering by day.
i love you so much, i think i forgot how to do it.
as much as i hate to admit it, i think i'm afraid.