one more time ought to get it

awakening to night and a little boz skaggs
flute is fun when it's ominous with love
when are you coming home school boy?

that's what i love about poetry and disco

so poignant and unexpected

love like a two dollar word

like wonder basked in dirty sequins
like a metaphor that touches your secret parts

look at that girl
she hides in the shadows
she begs for forgiveness

then the hand that says its over now
where did that come from

i can't take it

i know more than that

it's too late to turn back now

all i can think of is "where is my back up synthesizer?"

i just realized how intense you are
funny that i was so blinded by love

i thought i was blinded by yours
but i realize now that it was mine all along
mine hahahahhahahahahhahahahahaahaah
my own

i like that i follow my own rules
it made me happier than ever to follow yours