inspired by a night i was within and a night i was without

and just like a moment of awakened fright
so is the sound of yukele so basked in comfort
and just as a moment is lost on a pop-u-lust
so is a custom of standard lost
and just as the roofing lifts and bangs in the wind
so does my heart feel sure

and as the current shifts
from a vuluptuous thigh
so too does an unexpected excitment
crush a moment of weakness

and this is real
and this is part of the scene
and don't you forget it

and within an istant an instant was birthed
a moment forsaken
a thought given up
a kiss on a shrugged shoulder

and beneath a table a shift of a thigh
eyes locked before a wink breaks the silence
a love drifting on an ocean of painted horizon

in a belief that i have forgotten

angels don't forget and laughter beats all