in a time when brains gather to feast

through algorithms discreet

a clown’s obsessions deplete

after a pitter-patter of feet

caress the moment that we never meet

cold rain pounds upon feet

I don’t feel like I want to eat

incentives inspire replete

and anticipatorily greet

the reaming while also deceiving

the collaboration of feats

a curious heartfelt propulsion

to acquiesce palindrome Pete

has left me with absent devotion

and slithered right down to my feet

treating myself to retreat

an invitation states

take a seat

it’s only beginning to creep

upon the moss the soil and peat

the dramatic enigma of be(a)ets

as they soften and redden my meat

a drumbeat

sends my heart beat

to sleep

an adrodgynous

airation from cleats

a coagulat paste made from wheat

conjoins us in super wet heat

denys us of feeling defeat

knowing what’s asked is received

and as time continues to pleat

into whispering love songs

so sweet

a couple of dancers

with harpsong entreat

entangled in feeling complete