Every time that I have fallen you have told me it's all I need

Dreams of light sound expand in threads woven in paled limbs entangled

Players find their match and falter only to find the path of feeling free

Im feeling good why would we have dissidence

The sleepy stories climb up the spine and bud into wings

We all know we have already found it but there is so much more inspiration

A soft plantation sustains the restful heart

A good pounding sends us surfing

Waves inspirational in there exfoliation

The water meets the sky

And the beats that gifted a time in cellular reality

come with a price

Stop bitching

accept that it is met with sultry eyes

accept that it has been kept quiet

accept that a random text left me smiling

except that the physical can never be described for its purity

and well wishing will never end when it’s lustfully drenched in realness

I love you

Why not?