love poem #5

your eyes are so magical
  i want to lick you right now
I want to tie you up
and watch your flesh contract and expand
without you i am just like a little kitten
with you i am a little wild cat
such a little trouble maker
but then you just look at me and i am mesmerized
just desperate to be a vessel for your pleasure
you can force yourself
if you must force yourself 
but i freely offer myself to you
like i am under a spell
like i have been commanded to do so 
by a higher power 
to be your pleasure factory 
your sanctuary for release
like a gift
  a divine reward
  so you may press forward
  undistracted by false want
that you may weld power
pure power
rather than leak it
so that when you release yourself inside me
or when that release soaks through my pores
it may be transformed and cleansed and retuned to you charged
that is why we are both rewarded with a wellspring of pleasure
it is symbiosis
it is old
it is so new too
we forget ever meeting
or we dance in the memory
tap our feet against it
manipulate it for our benefit
for you are a man who deserves poetry
you are a beast
who cannot be tamed
and that is why i was sent to you
not to tame you, but to inspire and caress
to deliver to you your own power
like a reflection
welcome as the spring soil welcomes rain
as the river welcomes the rush of snow melt
as my eyes welcome your devotion and devouring thirst
i cry because i am lost for a moment without the comfort of relinquishing myself to you
but this is just a momentary loss
a way for me to not retain the water you are so keen to drain from me
i love you so, but i will let you sleep now
and dream of my moist soft lips
poised above you
so close
with sweet minty breath
and a hint of salivation
and the essence of longing
just above you
staring into your eyes entranced
a wonderful little princess darling
  at your will to do as you please
you will hold me in that trance
  I will love you and hold you and keep you
and i will sit upon a pepita for my seat
  and stare from the window of a pumpkin carved like a lion