the receptor

dejected eyes meet an awakening oddity
naked without memory but honest and questioning
then met too by honest lips heart felt in crooning
speaking of meanness only too obvious
be that the punitive be the receptor

the receptor
what does it mean to receive
and what about function
simple carefulness and carelessness undone
a beating heart a beating drum

drum or thumb control
all of it power
and still there is laughter
and the pulsating chatter of slapping and flapping and gasping
til after

afternoon aftermath aftertaste
so much haste for such wimsey
skin pasted to a sheet after minute measures
a wellspring of want to leave it in the toilet
so quickly we follow suit

suit of darkness suit of death
love for sword play with cock and tongue
and incantations flux with sentiment
drifting 'cross barriers of paleolithic fumes
igniting your eyes against a morning piece of fruit

fruitful in hope chance
recording the circumstance
philanthropy for giftedness
niceness niceness verity
a simple test of clemency

clemency is it the job of the receptor
passively giving and at the same time knowing
the act is dependent on so many control factors
with innocent sweetness wrapped tightly round
profound with light and faster than sound

sound sound sound sound sound
another time around

and then eyes so dark that they seemed like a drawing
so distant but comfortable
like frequency sweeps humming
solfeggio harmonics amidst sycronized drumming
a house a home a pad a room

room for the budding of learning and growing
room for the mind to leave for a moment
room for surprises and smiles and owning
not knowing not showing but having and holding
seems simple but time continues to drink from its glasses

glasses of plenty spill juniper wine
vining sunrain soaked muddy my spine
biaural beats and spooky dark basements
black houses red houses solid gold blue
rat ta tat be boxin cymbal and flange

flange the great receptor
tie her up wet with wanting
hold her down glowing
sweating and groaning
beat softly for now so you can keep going

going somewhere she asked
he was shadowed unsure
she tried to be demure
he kissed her soft and pure
why the insecurity

insecurity lucifer and angel my shoulder
one black wing one white and grey in between
in balance divided in winter in spring
in summer in autumn in winter again
is this a job for the angelic dominion

dominion opinion cult crew or band
no man is an island he's only a man
and women can be temptresses goddess and ghoul
but we are no fools no we be true cool
or at least some of us do pound

sound sound sound sound sound
another time around